I've never been too good talking about myself (because no one probably wants to here about it anyway, hehe) but here goes....

I keep quite busy with my own small business of repairing, upgrading and building systems. Ours in probably one of the few households in America that has LAN. (12/01/03-Gee, I made this page a while ago, huh? Not so unique anymore.) Thanks to my very dear friend Gene (who came all the way to Cleveland, Ohio from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to help me, awww isn't he sweet? PICS), the server is now a Linux machine. I'm a hardware person and like to play, what can I say?

Family & Friends Picture Album.- This will constantly be updated and changed, check back often.

* New! Bijou's kittens (pics)

* New!  3jane  my sugar glider (pics)

When the weather permits, which isn't all that often in Northeast Ohio, I spend alot of time riding my motorcycle, a Red 1981 440 Kawasaki LTD I call "Old Red" . (Hey it's 2012 now! I have a second motorcycle! It's a Blue 1982 Kawasaki 440 LTD I call "New Blue". I liked the 1980 so much I got another! Maybe I will get some pics on here this summer.) I've wanted an 883 Hugger since I was 13. What I could afford was the Kaw! Hey, I'm on two wheels and in the wind, can't complain too much. More recently, my outdoor time has consisted of lying in the sun and reading. This has not been by choice. I am adjusting to my recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

My Tattoos:

My Iris/Left Shoulder                                      Witchy Woman/On my upper left thigh.           
 I will add pics of my two new tattoos as soon as i get off my lazy butt. In the meantime, here are a couple other pics of my lovely face :)

I am pagan, leaning more toward druidism. I will not go into detail on this subject, but for those of you who are interested, you may peruse this website: The Druid Grove

I love to read when I have time. My favorite and the best bookstore in the Cleveland area, in my opinion, is Mac's Backs Paperbacks, 1820 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio. They have a large and constantly changing inventory of used books and will order any new books you want. Stop in and tell Suzanne that Kit told you to check the place out! They also take used books in for trade/credit. Here are a few links to pages of 'stuff' about some of my favorite authors:

Sterling's Cyberpunk Reading List - From the man himself, Bruce Sterling. Check it out and enjoy. Download Sterling's e-text of The Hacker Crackdown. Also visit  http://www.bespoke.org/viridian

The AFTRLife - Tom Robbins. All I can say is you gotta pick up one of his books and read it. You will be compelled to read them all. (Still Life With Woodpecker, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas, Jitterbug Perfume, Skinny Legs And All, Another Roadside Attraction.)

Anais Nin - Author of some of the most beautiful erotica I have ever read. (Delta of Venus, Little Birds, The Diary of Anais Nin (Henry and June)and more.

Richard Bach Quotes - Remember Jonathan Livingston Seagull? There is MORE..........

J.R.R. Tolkien - Lord of the Rings